I could be your wedding photographer if …

You love the details, the delicacy, the romance
My photographic style is delicate and feminine, bright and romantic. I will tell your stories by inserting the many details that make your day a unique and unrepeatable day. I prefer the reportage style even if during the day there will be a session of posed, natural and elegant portraits.

You are looking for quality and professionalism and not lower prices
The work of a professional photographer involves a lot of investments (in equipment, collaborators, training, etc.) and many hours of work in the weeks before and after your wedding. Always be wary of those who offer you low and off-market prices if you want a professional and long-lasting job.

If you are kind
I love to establish professional but friendly and kind relationships with my spouses. Establishing relationships of mutual esteem and respect are the basis of all my marriage services

If you want memories that last over time and photographs that reflect the true feeling that binds you
Photographs out of time and far from fashions, elegant and natural, which know how to tell the day of your wedding with truth and without cinematic forcing.
When choosing your wedding photographer, always remember to show you a selection as rich as possible of services, so that you can better evaluate his style. If you want to take a look at mine, you can click here.

If you love all of this, I could be your wedding photographer!

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